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DYOR - Time Saving Tools - CoinSpectator, CMC, TradingView and OnChainFX


If you are a crypto investor or trader, doing your own research (DYOR) is more important now than ever. 

Accumulation toward next year's Bitcoin halving has begun. Learn how to use popular cryptocurrency trading DYOR tools effectively.

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How To Know Which Cryptocurrencies To Invest In - DYOR - Crypto Trading


Cryptocurrency trading: You're looking for a trading tip, you know, that gem that goes 10x, and all everyone says is "DYOR". If you haven't figured out how to DYOR, this article is a good place to start.

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Crypto Press Releases - How to Use Press Release Publications to Promote an ICO or Cryptocurency


Use this guide to get a clear understanding of what a press release is and how to make the most of it by 

submitting it to the right places in order to successfully promote your cryptocurrency or blockchain project.

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How To Get Your Cryptocurrency Listed On Crypto Ranking Sites


This guide helps you prepare for the process of getting your cryptocurrency listed on cryptocurrency ranking 

websites. If you follow the steps you'll have all the required data ready. The guide includes the top seven 

ranking sites and their respective listing request URLs. It saves you hours, if not days, of research.

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How To Get A Cryptocurrency Listed On Exchanges


Learn how to get your coin or token listed on one or more exchanges, what the requirements are, the information you need ahead of time and where you can get listed. And on the topic of exchanges, a new blockchain crowdfunding method has been made available by some exchanges where they let you list without an ICO. These are IEOs (initial exchange offerings). Use the list of exchanges and their support URLs in this guide to ask if that's an option.

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