Book Review: Paleo Fitness – A Primal Approach to Fitness and Weight Loss By Steven Becker

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Paleo Fitness – A Primal Approach to Fitness and Weight Loss By Steven Becker

The book approaches fitness from a Paleo lifestyle standpoint and being fit as a means of preventing injury during physical exertion, maintaining wellness, and achieving longevity, all with a dash of humor.

This is a very interesting and inspiring book. As much attention is placed on the workout as on the mindset. The workout program is focused on staying consistent and gaining power and strength, among other things. In other words, weight is placed on function rather than appearance.

The author discusses exercise tools, techniques, goals, frequency, and exercise duration.

The book is great for beginners, the athletically challenged, and athletes alike.

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Book Review: Paleo Snacks – Convenient Recipes For Delectable Cuisine By Scarlett Aphra

Katarina Nolte ¦ 10/20/2014

Paleo Snacks – Convenient Recipes For Delectable Cuisine By Scarlett Aphra

The book explains what the Paleo Diet is all about and includes the following recipes:

● Chips

● Dips

● Potato wedges

● Sorbet

● Baked apples

● Mousse

● Chocolate fudge brownies

● Frozen fruit bars

● Snack bars

● Coconut balls

● Dried fruit

● Jerky

● Meatballs

● Chicken nuggets

● Lamb stew

The book includes a preview of the “Paleo Beginner Cookbook “. The Echo Bay Books newsletter, by the way, is the best. They publish multiple, (mostly) healthy recipe books each year and notify subscribers when their latest books are available free on Amazon.

The book inspires readers to prepare their own snacks and meals at home and take them to work to be able to eat healthy all the time.

The recipes are simple and can be prepared by people who otherwise never cook or don’t know how to cook. Each of the recipes entails detailed instructions, including nutritional information like the number of calories and the amounts of carbs, fat, protein and fiber.

Nuts are used as a cheese replacement as is common in the raw food and vegan diets. Similarly, raw honey, raisins and dates are used as a sugar replacement.

Overall, amazing alternatives to junk food.

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Book Review: Meat Lovers Cookbook By Paleo Lifestyle

Katarina Nolte ¦ 11/17/2014

Meat Lovers Cookbook By Paleo Lifestyle

The book cover doesn’t contain the author’s name.

This book comes with a free ebook – “Amazing Paleo Snacks” – when one subscribes to their free newsletter.

Great introduction with a solid argument in favor of the Paleo diet and lifestyle focusing on health benefits and quality of life. The motto is eat well and be well.

Recipes included are:

● Chicken sausage

● Beef haggis

● Filet mignon

● Beef braciola

● Stuffed hen

● Bacon burger

● Pork chops

● Veal scallopine

● Venison stir fry

● Buffalo burger

● Chicken liver pâté

● Seared duck

● Stuffed peppers

● Gyros

● Kebab

● Stuffed cabbage

● Meatloaf

● Churrasco

Each element of each recipe is prepared from scratch so you’ll find recipes within recipes.

Healthy choice of ingredients.

Don’t like the addition of sweeteners (honey, agave, date) to meat. Yuck!

Beef haggis… I don’t know… red meat with lamb and beef liver and ghee?!

Frogs and alligators should be protected and not eaten unless you go out into the wilderness and single handedly hunt them with Paleolithic tools.

Bacon topped filet mignon?

Nutritional yeast is not Paleo. Same goes for hot dogs, wine, vinegar, tamari and coconut aminos. These items did not exist during the Paleolithic era.

The recipes are, overall, excellent, clearly written by a chef, but not really Paleo; more along the lines of Neo-Paleo.

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“Historically, hunting has decimated their population, and the American alligator was listed as an endangered species by the Endangered Species Act of 1973. Subsequent conservation efforts have allowed their numbers to increase and the species was removed from the list in 1987. Alligators are now harvested for their skins and meat. The species is the official state reptile of three states: Florida, Louisiana, and Mississippi.”

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“For example, Europeans alone consumed roughly 120 million frogs per year in the 1990’s. The Californian gold-miners nearly ate the California red-legged frog (Rana draytonii) to extinction in the 19th century, and the species has never fully recovered.”

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“Adult amphibians are the best biological pest controllers.”

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“”When we save the frogs, we’re protecting all our wildlife, all our ecosystems and all humans.” — Dr. Kerry Kriger, Founder & Executive Director of SAVE THE FROGS!, Washington DC, Save The Frogs Day, April 29 2011″

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“Because frogs drink through their skin, they’re susceptible to several manmade threats. In some parts of the world, frog population has declined due to habitat destruction during development and the damming of rivers and streams. Frogs are also sensitive to water pollution and acid rain. Chemicals, drug residues and other pollutants in the water appear to be causing everything from deformed limbs to feminized male sexual organs in frogs.”

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“California red-legged frogs are listed as Threatened under the Endangered Species Act.”

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“3. Eliminate gluten in any shape or form. This includes bread, cereal, and pasta. Do not make the mistake of resorting to gluten free junk food, which can be almost as bad.”

14 Steps to Eating Neo-Paleo | Empower Yourself To A Better Lifestyle │ Jessica Fusco

“The paleo diet consists of foods that can be hunted or fished like meat, organ meat and seafood and foods that can be gathered like eggs, fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, nuts, seeds, herbs, and spices. Foods that are not on the paleo diet are anything processed, grains, legumes (beans and peanuts), raw dairy, salt, and oils.”

Why I DON’T Eat a Paleo Diet…But Close –

“Does the paleo diet involve catching/growing your own food and then starving if the getting isn’t good?”

Sorry, Neo Cavemen, But Your Paleo Diet Is Pretty Much Bullshit │ Jezebel

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Katarina Nolte ¦ 10/19/2015

“A 2014 study of the eating habits of 11,399 adult Americans found that 84 percent of vegans and vegetarians return to eating meat.”

One Third of Vegetarians Eat Meat When They Get Drunk | Alternet

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