Facebook: “Rafael Ontiveros” – The Importance Of Understanding Caucasian Colonialism (1)

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Caliban and the Witch: Women, the Body and Primitive Accumulation

“I wrote this in response to a comment asking me to explain my understanding of Caucasian Colonialism, its importance, and how that relates to imperial conquest from other ethnic groups.
In the US particularly, people have a loyalty to the Caucasian ethnic classification that they associate themselves with, so therefore use a facade of intellectual discussion to simply stonewall and deny historical fact.
So in that context, if ever I come across as abrasive its because I’ve had this discussion many times with people who had no sincere intention of ever being honest about it. Prioritizing their egotistical self-image over the facts of millions of people killed and mowed over to provide a luxurious standard of living for those who benefited from that process.
This willful disregard for others and further a sense of entitlement about that process and being the beneficiaries of it, just angers me strongly. It is a cultural ill that can be seen taking shape in today’s current events blatantly, though it’s been going on for 500 years.
So as long as we are clear with where we are coming from we can have a productive discussion…”

Important post. If you wish to understand the roots of these issues with more accuracy, I suggest you take a look at the following links:

Earliest depictions of human to human violence in art occurs in the Neolithic (timeline varies greatly by world region) roughly 15,000 years ago: The Nature Of Paleolithic Art By Russell Dale Guthrie

Earliest depictions of warfare/hierarchical coercion: China (above link) and Egypt (reverse side of the Narmer Palette)

Earliest advanced tools used in warfare by culture/timeline: Wikipedia: Chariot – Early Indo-Iranians. Indo-Iranian speakers made up a part of the greater Indo-European language group. Indo-European speakers did spend time in the area between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea (Caucasus“Caucasoid” – “Caucasian”), but Indo-European speakers and the ancestors of Semitic speakers, as well as horse domestication and patriarchal ideology, all originated in Central Asia (Turco-Mongol).

Ancient warfare by type/culture

History of firearms: earliest depiction of a gunpowder weapon, China, mid-10th century

History of gunpowder: China, 1240

Why people react to uncomfortable facts the way they do: Cognitive Dissonance, How facts backfire – Researchers discover a surprising threat to democracy: our brains, and Are We Too Dumb for Democracy? The Logic Behind Self-DelusionWhen faced with facts that do not fit seamlessly into our individual belief systems, our minds automatically reject (or backfire) the presented facts.

Early glorification of violence resulted from the following:

– introduction of a sedentary lifestyle – Neolithic

– domestication of plants and animals – Neolithic

– spread of patriarchal ideology: male divinity, property, slavery, hierarchy, oppression of women, children, youth; and territorial occupation – Late Neolithic/Bronze Age onwards (varies by region)

This lead to excessive reproduction (beyond replacement), which lead to conflict relating to access to natural resources (warfare), coercive centralized governments, and materialistic ideology, followed by imperialism. – Bronze Age/Iron Age onwards (varies by region)

‘Dominator culture’ or ‘Western patriarchal culture’ may be more appropriate terms for what you are describing. The perpetrator of the issues you talk about you describe as Caucasian (Colonialism), and even though you focus on the past 500 years, it’s important to understand that to many people the term Caucasian is offensive because it refers to a people of European origin. The fact is that all of Eurasia was inhabited by our human ancestors for millions of years, long before homo sapiens even came into existence (200,000 years ago), not to mention long before the Near East (Sumeria/Mesopotamia, Levant), Europe (Mediterranean, Balkans) and North Africa (Egypt, Nubia, Libya) begun to be invaded and occupied by people migrating westwards from Central Asia. These same patriarchal tribes spread in all directions, eventually reaching the Americas, as well.

I strongly suggest you read The Chalice And The Blade: Our History, Our Future (summary) and Saharasia: The 4000 BCE Origins of Child Abuse, Sex-repression, Warfare and Social Violence, In the Deserts of the Old WorldEvidence for a Worldwide, Climate-Linked Geographical Pattern in Human Behavior (summary) – James DeMeo, Ph.D.

Another thing is that you are offending women, children and most poor/working people who did not and do not choose to support/participate in wars, unless manipulated or in dire straits. An amazing and economically timely book is Caliban and the Witch: Women the Body and Primitive Accumulation – Sylvia Federici, Autonomedia 2004 (summary). It deals with the transition from feudalism to capitalism and it’s very different from what we are taught in school, giving you a clear picture of the enormous difference in what people (majority) want (like today) and what contemporary special interests (select few) want and end up pursuing, only to sell it down the road as “historical fact“.

Another eye-opener is the video “John Trudell * Tribes of Europe” (YouTube) about the modern mindset, American Native tribes and European tribes, and how we are made to forget who we are by having our history (“prehistory”) edited/erased.


John Trudell – Tribes of Europe – YouTube

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Facebook: “Rafael Ontiveros” – The importance of understanding Caucasian Colonialism (2)

Katarina Nolte ¦ 12/23/2010

Trudell (2007)

@Rafael: OK, I’ll give you some examples in regard to the selective few who manipulate and then rewrite history:

In the first 100 years of the occupation of the Americas by the Spanish Empire (Spain, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium, and parts of: Italy, Germany, France, Africa, Asia, Oceania, North and South America), during which up to 95% of Native Americans mysteriously died, Spain sent only 8,000 Conquistadors to the Americas, a limit set by its royal government. Sort of like sending a carefully selected group to set the stage and hide/change whatever they thought could be damaging to them.

In Europe at the time originally common land was enclosed and sold to merchants, lawyers, bankers, while peasants/workers were revolting to the point of class wars, and enslaved people were shipped from Africa.

That, together with the opium trade, created the capital (gold and silver, free/cheep labor, land) needed to establish hyper-capitalist classes who hold the threads and govern the world (economy, wars, politics) today and who use a series of methods meant to manipulate the average person/worker/student/soldier into adhering to and supporting this destructive system.

Like “manufactured consent”, ‘manufactured dependence’ is central to the maintenance of hierarchy, and most importantly unquestioned belief that one is dependent/inferior.

In so-called democracies people don’t get to vote on anything except politicians who in most cases in order to even achieve a position high enough to count must be open to corruption.

All the characteristics detrimental to societal and individual wellbeing – racism, heterosexism, gender discrimination, religion based discrimination, age based hierarchy, materialism, classism, etc.- were artificially and intentionally institutionalized with the purpose of segregating people and preventing them from joining forces and going against the establishment, which, once again, is the one to interpret and document carefully edited “history” which the average person then accepts as the norm.

Like the term “Caucasian”, rarely if ever used in Europe as most Europeans’ ancestors are not from the Caucasus. Further, support for any war, crime rates, income inequality, are non-issues in Europe (except Britain) when compared to the US. Or the acceptance of taking shit as a given on part of the American people. Just look at the Gulf… ‘oh no we don’t won’t regulation of the oil companies/offshore drilling… yes they poisoned us and our loved ones but we need jobs’. In the same way people with deep roots in the US may think that the slaughter, enslavement and exploitation of Natives and Africans was needed for the US to become a world power, which according to the anti–think tank is a great thing.


John Trudell – What Happened to the Tribes of Europe (4×3) – YouTube

John Trudell on Race Colonization and IRC – YouTube

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Katarina Nolte ¦ 05/15/2015

“Yes indeed, to destroy the Native American culture our government devised a plan to force the Indians into nuclear family units. Isolation and control. Divide and conquer. ~ Egosophia Sleapie Neet”

Chris Hedges: ‘Pornography Is What the End of the World Looks Like’ – Truthdig

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