Apr 202011

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@Rafael: OK, I’ll give you some examples in regard to the selective few who manipulate and then rewrite history:

In the first 100 years of the occupation of the Americas by the Spanish Empire (Spain, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium, and parts of: Italy, Germany, France, Africa, Asia, Oceania, North and South America), during which up to 95% of Native Americans mysteriously died, Spain sent only 8,000 Conquistadors to the Americas, a limit set by its royal government. Sort of like sending a carefully selected group to set the stage and hide/change whatever they thought could be damaging to them.

In Europe at the time originally common land was enclosed and sold to merchants, lawyers, bankers, while peasants/workers were revolting to the point of class wars, and enslaved people were shipped from Africa.

That, together with the opium trade, created the capital (gold and silver, free/cheep labor, land) needed to establish hyper-capitalist classes who hold the threads and govern the world (economy, wars, politics) today and who use a series of methods meant to manipulate the average person/worker/student/soldier into adhering to and supporting this destructive system.

Like “manufactured consent”, ‘manufactured dependence’ is central to the maintenance of hierarchy, and most importantly unquestioned belief that one is dependent/inferior.

In so-called democracies people don’t get to vote on anything except politicians who in most cases in order to even achieve a position high enough to count must be open to corruption.

All the characteristics detrimental to societal and individual wellbeing – racism, heterosexism, gender discrimination, religion based discrimination, age based hierarchy, materialism, classism, etc.- were artificially and intentionally institutionalized with the purpose of segregating people and preventing them from joining forces and going against the establishment, which, once again, is the one to interpret and document carefully edited “history” which the average person then accepts as the norm.

Like the term “Caucasian”, rarely if ever used in Europe as most Europeans’ ancestors are not from the Caucasus. Further, support for any war, crime rates, income inequality, are non-issues in Europe (except Britain) when compared to the US. Or the acceptance of taking shit as a given on part of the American people. Just look at the Gulf… ‘oh no we don’t won’t regulation of the oil companies/offshore drilling… yes they poisoned us and our loved ones but we need jobs’. In the same way people with deep roots in the US may think that the slaughter, enslavement and exploitation of Natives and Africans was needed for the US to become a world power, which according to the anti–think tank is a great thing.



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